Delivery & Refund Policy

Spice Garden Restaurant offers delivery with the mentioned charges on the website.
Delivery processing for various items may be different, but usually it takes 30-40 minutes food parcel to be delivered after placing the order, please check Delivery & Returns section for each item before placing the order. Please also note, some of the items are available only for pre-order, that means items will be made specially for you, in such cases we will process the item production with additional time of 15 minutes specially for you. 
Delivery, return and refund conditions:
1-Count the items are as per your placed order.
2-Check the quantity and quality of the delivered order in presence of our courier person.
3-Any claim will entertained if our courier has been informed regarding sub standard or less quantities. 
4-Call us on our hotline to convey your concern on quality and quantity if there is to replace or refund your payment. 
5-Refund will be made immediately next working days to your account used for payment.
6-Delivered items will be considered as good delivery successfully if no claim arises at the time of handing over the item. 
Delivery within the cities Tbilisi, Gudauri, Batumi from our local coodinates will be carried via our personal courier drivers. 
Delivery time is from 40 to 60 minutes, after the order has placed. But, due to transport limitations connected with COVID-19 infection, delays may apply. 
Please provide detailed address, telephone number and your mail ID information while placing the order, to avoid delays. Our duty managers may call you to clarify if placed order is not clear. 
We are not able to redirect orders after the courier leave our restaurant.
In case of delays (usually, during holidays) you will be notified in advance by our duty managers.
Please note, sold items cannot be returned / exchanged.
For the moment, returns / exchanges shipment costs are covered by customer.
SPICE GARDEN  does not take responsibility for duties and taxes applied in the country of delivery.  All orders will include an invoice declaring the exact total amount of the purchased goods. We are not able to lower or change the value or mark the product as gift on the invoice of the parcel, since such actions are illegal and in violation with local and International rules and  Regulations as stated in Georgian Law.
Questions:, please note, one of our representative will respond you within 24 hours.